Apparently there’s now a moderately big shitstorm going on in here because the Xkit guy say something ~problematic~.

Will you sack of pedantic shitnuggets ever calm your thoroughly displeased chest fatsacs down? You’re all saying he should die and this and that but guess what? That poor fucking guy is taking precious time of his equally precious life to pamper your sovereignly oversized butt egos and all you do is shit on him.

Have you ever thought that if it weren’t for him you wouldn’t be able to tag your precious triggers and you’d be constantly bombarded with ~problematic~, ~oppressive~, ~triggering~ and ~offensive~ content?

Please detangle your tightly knotted undies and let the poor guy have an opinion just as YOU like having yours. He’s doing us all a favour and all for nothing. The LEAST you can do is keep your vocrapulary where it belongs: in your piehole.

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I’m going to take this moment to say I’m sorry to everyone I owe stuff to and to everyone who was worried about me.

I’m not dead. Not yet. But life is, albeit a tad better, still quite complicated. I’ve been away from Tumblr and a load of other things for a good while now and I don’t plan to return anytime soon for reasons other than inbox check-ups and maybe really urgent stuff.

To the people whom I owe stuff to, I’ll try to have them done by this week. I’m really sorry that your sprites have to be delayed for reasons beyond your and my control. I wish I could speed the process a bit, but there are days I don’t even feel like getting up from my bed.

To the people who stayed with me even through the long period of inactivity: thank you. Even though we don’t speak very often, I’m glad I have people who are willing to patiently wait for me to come back.

If there’s anything anyone wants to tell me, you’re free to leave a message in my askbox. Off-anon is preferred, but if you believe it’s urgent to send them anonymously, there’s nothing stopping you.

Until next time. Good bye, take care.

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Anonymous said:
hi! do you think you can try to sprite hair like that of arale and akane from dr. slump? i asked someone else but itwastnt satisfactory and i like your sprites

Here you go. I’m really sorry for having taken so long. I hope it’s satisfactory.

Psst, just… kind of appearing here

Leaving my chumhandle, which is aureatePeafowl for anyone who wants to talk and happens to have pesterchum

and sorta slinking back into the shadows

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Hello I made u a thing


Also Flor says “tell her happy bday idk if she’s still even alive” hehe bye friend <3 <3 hope u like da drawing 

aaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAA~! THANK YOU!!!


sorry for being a bad friend and disappearing, life’s tought right now qwq

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nephyria said:




Johannes Kepler’s! Let’s all take this day to remember the amazing discoveries of a great astronomer and study a bit more in-depth about his legacy! It’s never late to take up history as a hobby.

But also DEES GAL’S!!!

I’m about to go to school to have two tests, but I’m so excited! My parents bought me a pair of dumbbells and four 2kg plates! I’m gonna start training THE SHIT out of my body. This years 2014 is officially bara year for me.

Alright, I hope you all have a wonderful day! Come say hi to my askbox!

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kevinparkerruinedmylife replied to your post “Attention, lovely people, this is your Noga speaking. I still won’t…”

<3 Feliz Navidad/loquecelebres para ti también!

aaaaaa~! gracias! ojalá que lo pases muy lindo y que puedas comer cosas ricas y disfrutar con tu familia c:

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Attention, lovely people, this is your Noga speaking.

I still won’t be coming back for… a while. But that won’t stop me from wishing all of you a beautiful Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa, and whatever other December 24/25-related festivities you engage in. And even if you don’t celebrate anything, I hope you have a beautiful day full of nice surprises, delicious food and the company of your family. You deserve it. You deserve every single second of it and don’t deny it because I’m going to walk whatever distance I must walk to your home, and wrap you tightly in a blanket so that you stay still while I bake you something delicious.

Anyway, I hope you folks are having a better while than I am. I mean, it’s not like “whoa, Armaggeddon”, but… it’s still pretty bad. AH, WHAT~EVER! This is not about me, this is about you! HAPPY HOLIDAYS! CELEBRATE BIG TIME!

(Also, remember my birthday is on the 27th. I accept gifts in the form of hugs, kisses, and sprite requests 8) )

((Oh, and for the people I still owe sprites: I haven’t forgotten, I’m just really busy. As soon as I’m done with my exams, I’m going on a spriting spree. Have patience.))

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nephyria replied to your post “nephyria liked your post “Okay, so, I came up with a bilingual pun: I…”

there was so much obnoxious snorting on this end of the computer

my job here is done 8’)

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